Sugarfreed Founder January Newland 

When I realized I had spent 14 years tweaking my nutrition in hopes of feeling good and losing fat, it was the same day I realized I had spent 14 years not getting the results I wanted. 

Growing up, my family tried to eat healthy, but we were influenced by the guidelines of the 'low-fat' generation, an era that had food makers swapping healthy, filling fats for empty, unlimited sugars.

I can remember eating a bag of Famous Amos cookies for lunch in high school, then, as an after-school snack, scooping spoonfuls of pure white sugar over my already sweet cereal. 

In college, I studied exercise science and physiology, but continued to struggle with my weight and energy levels by trying to out-exercise my less-than-ideal diet. Even after becoming a certified yoga teacher and personal trainer, I still felt there was still something missing from my health. I tried all the juice cleanses, latest cure-all superfoods, and "perfect" workouts to get where I wanted to be...and still never felt like I reached that optimal healthy state.

It was then I started to dive deeper into nutrition studies and more specifically, sugar, and its impact on our physical and mental well-being. Over the last 7 years, I’ve studied nutrition extensively, and realized—both personally and scientifically—the positive effects of limited sugar intake combined with a nutrient-dense, whole-foods diet. I created the Sugarfreed way of eating as a way of life—for myself, and thousands of happy clients.

My goal is to help you find a more relaxed and nourishing relationship to food and whole-body wellness; to help you become your healthiest, most radiant self!

I believe in nourishing your body through intuition rather than counting calories. 

I believe in traditional, ancestral, real foods; and that how we eat can change our bodies AND have a positive effect on the world around us.

I believe your best life involves feeding your soul as well as your body. 

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"Join my 14-day sugar detox, and I'll guide you
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