Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Hey! So it’s been a looooong minute since I’ve written a blog post… (June?!?) … and a lot has happened since then! I ran off and got married in Hawaii in August;  started a little side project creating custom florals and flower crowns, inspired by Hawaii – called Wild Island Florals; had another wedding ceremony and week-long shin-dig with the whole fam-damily in September; and took my 4th group of amazing folks to Fiji for our annual wellness & adventure retreat in October! So, yes… I’ve been neglecting the humble little ol’ blog.

But here we are, not even officially to December yet, and the twinkle lights are UP, the Christmas music radio channel is ON, and we are in FULL FORCE HOLIDAY MODE (said without any stress in my voice at all).

And so I present to you my Holiday Gift Guide, with some ideas for those healthy, food-loving, fit-fammy, eco-conscious friends in your life!

(FYI - I’m not paid to endorse any of the items in this gift guide, but if you follow an Amazon affiliate link to purchase them, I do get a small percentage as a commission without costing you anything extra!)

Holiday Gift Guide 2017

With all the craziness going on in the world and the devastation currently facing our oceans & environment, we have to remember it’s the little things we do that add up. I’m committed to using as little plastic as possible and always looking for places where the garbage in our house can add up. These next three items can help!

1. Bees Wraps

Washable & reusable, Bee's Wraps are an alternative to plastic wrap, aluminum foil, or sandwich bags - made with beeswax, cotton, organic jojoba oil and tree resin. Wrap and seal with the warmth of your hands, and wash with cold water -  they last for up to a year with proper care and regular usage. Try this variety pack of 7($42) or a trio pack($18)

2. Bamboo Toothbrushes

A pack of 4 non toxic, organic, bamboo-handled toothbrushes, with non-BPA charcoal infused bristles. Numbered 1-4 so there won't be any toothbrush fights ("you USED MINE!") andcomes with plenty of good-feels since you'll be saving the earth from more plastic waste. ($12) 

3. Rose Gold Pineapple Tumbler

I recently heard someone say "Pineapples are SO last year." Which immediately elicited a stink-eye from me because, if you are a tropically-inclined soul such as myself, you understand that pineapples are timeless. Hence the appearance on my list of this Rose Gold Pineapple Tumbler, perfect for tiki cocktails, or just your every day morning coffee. ($30)


4. Vivo Barefoot Minimalist Shoes

As some of you know, I'm a big fan of spending more time with naked feet - I believe stronger, more adaptable feet can greatly improve your overall fitness & health. But TOTALLY bare feet are not always the most practical choice, and so I'm also a fan of minimalist shoes, especially for strength training, walking the dog, etc. I recently ordered a pair from this UK brand Vivo Barefoot Primus Lite Trainers, and I love them! They are the first super-minimal (read: just a piece of rubber between you and the dirt) shoes I've found that are also NOT totally UGLY; they're actually cute! Browse around for other versions - they make shoes for hiking, and just around-town casual street wear as well. ($80-$140)

5. Handmade Watercolor Notecards & Wall Art by Mika Harmony

I think a beautiful piece of handmade artwork is one of the most fun and meaningful gifts you can give someone. I found Mika Harmony through Instagram, and fell in love with her tropical and ocean-inspired watercolors and mixed media prints. She creates notecards, stationary, stickers & pins, and of course prints, all for purchase here on her site. Perfect for the mermaid in your life! ($3 - $300)


6. Wild Sage Smudge Stick

What's a smudge stick, you say? Well... in basic form, it's a bundle of dried herbs or leaves, used in many cultures in ceremonies & rituals, to cleanse the energy and literally clean the air.  These are wild foraged, handcrafted, California White Sage sticks, paired up with botanicals and wrapped in hand-vegetable-dyed organic twine. I have so much fun creating these to match different moods:

  • Pink: bundled with roses and perfect for inviting in romance and cultivation love

  • Purple: bundled with lavender and lovely for new moon rituals and setting intentions

  • Yellow: with rosemary and excellent for full moon ceremonies and manifesting

They are a lovely gift for a host/hostess or housewarming, or just your hippie-dippy friends (like me lol). Email hello@wildisland-collective to order! ($14 )

Thanks for reading, y'all!


xo January

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