Do you need to work out twice a day?

Question from a client this morning: "I really want to get in better shape; what do you think about me doing 2x a day workouts?" (At a high intensity training facility).

My Answer: NO!!!

Now of course, there are lots of caveats and disclaimers here, which I’ll get to at the end. But for 95% of people, adding an additional hour of high-intensity training to an already 4x a week schedule is something I believe will not only NOT help you, but could hurt you. 

High intensity training is powerful, but like medicine - it should be applied with the correct dosage. And MORE is not necessarily better. More can actually be damaging. I’m talking about sprints, bootcamps, intervals, weight training, yoga-sculpt, spin, some weight training… these all tend to produce an acute stressful state in your body, under the influence of stress hormones, and most also create muscle breakdown and a big impact the nervous system. Which are all good things IN THE CORRECT DOSAGE! If we don’t allow adequate time and fuel and rest to help us recover from these activities, we can inadvertently create a chronically stressful situation in the body, which will create storage and preservation mode, rather than a metabolically active, relaxed state. 

"So… what should I do?"


1. MOVE more!! Move in a non stressful, non stress hormone producing way. Wake up in the morning and do a stretch or two that feels good. Get out of your chair every half hour and do some bodyweight squats. GO FOR A WALK! Walks are one of my most prescribed activities for clients… natural, structure aligning, slightly heart-rate elevating, good ol’ WALKING is drastically underrated and a MAJORLY healthy way to add movement into your life. Slow yoga, foam rolling, stretching, sex, body surfing, swimming, hiking, playing with your dog… all of these count too.  

2. Dial-in your diet. For most people, diet determines at LEAST 50% and often closer to 80% of your success in “getting in shape” - building muscle, losing fat, getting stronger, leaner… whatever your goals may be, cleaning up what you eat CANNOT be ignored. To me, it’s the foundation of good health. 

You can also fine-tune things like macros and working in intermittent fasting or fasted workouts, but these are down the line, and should be looked at only once you’ve got a SOLID food & movement routine in place that feels great and is moving you toward your goal.

Now if you’re training for an event, race, or competition; if you’re a professional athlete, you may need 2x a day workouts. But PLEASE don’t self-subscribe this - most likely you’ll be under the supervision of a professional trainer or program if this is the case.

And let’s be real, most of us are really just “in training” for LIFE and OPTIMAL HEALTH and feeling great, and looking sexy. #amiright?

TRUST that you do not need to kill yourself to become your healthiest and live optimally. And reach out if you have questions! 

xoxo January

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